Columbus, Ohio — This election cycle, Conservation Ohio burst on to the Ohio political scene, set out to make a splash, and delivered in a huge way. With our skilled leadership, experts in field, digital, and communications, and support from both in-state and national partners, we excelled in every facet of operations. Our support of US Senator Sherrod Brown even earned him the accusation from his opponent of being in the pocket of “Big Environment,” a charge we sure don’t mind.

With a strong slate of endorsed environmental champions in Rich Cordray, Betty Sutton, Sherrod Brown, and Danny O’Connor, we kicked our work into high gear to help push them across the finish line.

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We started our massive canvass operation in July, months before independent expenditure operations typically begin. We would eventually get to a strong team of 79 canvassers who reached out to 277,000 voters across Cleveland, Columbus, Lorain, and Toledo, with our partner LCV Victory Fund heading up a field program in Cincinnati. This number will grow to nearly 350,000 by the time the polls close on November 6.

We knew to make an impact we had to rethink how things have historically been done in Ohio. Our program invested early in Ohio-specific polling and other research, which influenced our strategy and tactics across field and digital. We continually refined our messaging by monitoring real-time reactions in the field and online and then pushed those results back for further testing.

With healthcare and the economy as established top-of-mind issues for Ohio voters, we sought to incorporate our environmental priorities within the frame of these existing topics, focusing on clean energy jobs and public health. We found that this created far more opportunity to have the candidates and media engage with our issues, rather than wrestling attention from the issues the candidates had tested and knew would move voters.

Another change from previous election cycles was our heavy focus on digital, with $500,000 of our total $3.3 million spend focused on digital ads on Facebook and pre-roll video. Based on our research and polling, we targeted Ohio women to persuade them to vote for our endorsed candidates.

The real revelation of the cycle was our cohesion with fellow Ohio independent expenditure operations. We partnered with For Our Future Ohio, America Votes, and Planned Parenthood Votes Ohio, and were able to pool resources and skills in order for each group to own their lane, ensuring as a group we could maximize resources and opportunities. Conservation Ohio’s prowess was evident, with Hannah Tyler serving as the GOTV Digital lead, and Kate McCleese serving as GOTV Field lead. Our coalition depended on our leadership, and we delivered.

By the end of the election, Conservation Ohio was a true powerhouse, critical to coalition success, serving as a hub of skill, talent, and resources to push Cordray, Sutton, Brown, and O’Connor towards victory.

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Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to David Miller, Director of Communications for Conservation Ohio:

“With the recent news that Mike DeWine has loaned his campaign $3 million dollars in the waning days of the election, we can assume that DeWine’s personal finances will be made whole by donors and big corporations if elected governor.

“Should DeWine win, the Governor of Ohio would find himself groveling at the feet of his donor friends in order to refill his campaign coffers so he can pay himself back the $4 million he’s loaned his campaign in total this cycle. Unfortunately, history shows that his donors would come through for him, paying down DeWine’s debt in exchange for his continued support of policies that let companies dirty our air and water, and deny healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

“In a Mike DeWine administration, everything would be for sale, especially the health of all Ohioans.”


Columbus, Ohio -- Today, Conservation Ohio announces a $250,000 digital ad buy for the final few weeks of the campaign, in support of the Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton ticket for governor and lieutenant governor.

Focusing efforts on Facebook and pre-roll video across hundreds of online platforms, these persuasion and Get Out The Vote digital ads will be targeted to women across Ohio. Featuring Ohio women and children, the ads will aim to show what’s really at stake in this race: the health of future generations who need access to clean air and water.

“This digital investment signifies a big play to both persuade and turn out votes in the final two weeks of this campaign,” said Hannah Tyler, Deputy Director of Conservation Ohio. “We want Ohioans to know that Rich Cordray will be a champion for them and their families.”

These digital ads will begin running on Tuesday, October 23, and run through Election Day.  

“As my own daughter turns a year old next month, I want to make sure Ohio is sustainable and healthy for her as she grows up,” said Tyler. “Mike DeWine has been a disaster for our environment, with a clear record of trying to protect his donors over Ohio kids. That’s not the future I want for my family.”

In supporting environmental champion Rich Cordray, Conservation Ohio is eager to elect a candidate who will fight for clean air and water for all Ohioans, not his corporate polluter donors.


With over 100,000 doors knocked statewide this cycle and 600,000 Ohioans reached through digital ads, Conservation Ohio is working hard to elect environmental champions Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton

Cincinnati -- Today, Conservation Ohio launched a television ad in the Cincinnati media market, calling out Mike DeWine’s appalling record of putting the interests of his donors over the health of our children and environment.

Airing over the next three weeks in Cincinnati, this ad buy will total $525,000 or 1,750 points, ensuring that Cincinnatians across the region will see the message.

“The health of Ohio kids and our access to clean air is on the November ballot,” said Aryeh Alex, State Director for Conservation Ohio. “In Mike DeWine, we have a candidate who has consistently acted in opposition to what’s best for Ohio families. His crusade against air and water protections will undoubtedly make us sicker, yet he has also promised to cut access to hundreds of thousands of Ohioans’ healthcare and sued to stop individuals with pre-existing conditions like asthma from having access to healthcare.”

Our ad follows the narration of a child writing a letter to Mike DeWine asking him why he chose to support his corporate, polluting donor friends over kids across Ohio. The ad references DeWine’s lawsuit against clean air protections that would have prevented 90,000 child asthma attacks and 4,500 premature deaths each year by 2030. This is one of the clearest examples of DeWine’s failures as Attorney General and why Ohioans cannot afford his corrupt leadership to continue.

This election cycle, Conservation Ohio has been aggressively contrasting the views of Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton, and their plans for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly Ohio, with the backwards policy proposals of DeWine. We’ve now knocked on over 100,000 doors in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Lorain to support Rich Cordray and reached nearly 600,000 Ohioans statewide online with targeted digital ads.

“For months, we’ve been hard at work talking to voters across Ohio about environmental champions Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton,” said Alex. “With this ad buy of over half a million dollars, and our 100,000 doors knocked milestone, we’ve made it clear that Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton are the right choice in November. With just four weeks left in the election, we’re ramping up our field and digital programs to talk to hundreds of thousands of voters on the doors and on screens to ensure that Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton finish strong.”

Learn more about DeWine’s history of putting donors before kids and our health.


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Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to David Miller, Director of Communications at Conservation Ohio: 

“In a debate tonight from the shores of Lake Erie, we didn’t get a question about the critical issues surrounding Ohio’s air and water. Thankfully, we know exactly where the candidates stand on the issues. Environmental champion Rich Cordray has plans to move Ohio into the future with clean energy jobs, and water protections. 

“Mike DeWine has a long history of standing up not for Ohioans, but instead the donors who have funded his campaigns over his 42 year career in public office. Mike DeWine has filed multiple lawsuits to diminish environmental protections, using taxpayer dollars to worsen the quality of our air and water across the state. 

“Mike DeWine would be a disaster for folks who depend on clean air and water -- which happens to be each and every Ohioan.” 

“The choice is clear in November.”

Statement from Conservation Ohio on Tonight’s Second Gubernatorial Debate

Columbus, Ohio - The following statement can be attributed to Aryeh Alex, State Director of Conservation Ohio:

“Tonight, environmental champion Rich Cordray spoke about protecting our water, and ensuring our state moves into the future with the clean energy jobs Ohioans need. So far, we’ve knocked on over 80,000 doors in support of Cordray, on our way to speak to over 300,000 voters before Election Day.

“In the other corner, we saw a candidate in Mike DeWine who would embrace the energy sources of the past, aligning with his donors who have propped up his campaign. DeWine is a candidate who would stand up for his donors who benefit from dirty air and water, not Ohioans.”

LCVVF Names #OHSEN Candidate Jim Renacci to 2018 Dirty Dozen

LCVVF Names #OHSEN Candidate Jim Renacci to 2018 Dirty Dozen

LCV Victory Fund today announced that Ohio Senate candidate Jim Renacci will take the fourth spot this year on its signature 2018 Senate Dirty Dozen list for consistently putting polluters ahead of the people in Ohio. Since 1996, the Dirty Dozen has featured some of the most anti-environment candidates running for office across the country in an effort to elect a Congress that will enact pro-environmental and health policies.

Statement from Conservation Ohio on Tonight’s Gubernatorial Debate

Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed to David Miller, Director of Communications for Conservation Ohio:

“During tonight’s debate, we saw Rich Cordray provide an inspiring message for the future of Ohio, focusing on clean energy jobs and cracking down on corruption. 

“On the other hand, in Mike DeWine, we have a candidate who over 42 years in office has demonstrated his willingness to put donors over Ohioans, while focusing on the antiquated policies of the past. 

“It’s clear that in November the best candidate for the future of Ohio is Rich Cordray.”


Mike DeWine puts donors above our kids and health

4 things you need to know about DeWine’s environmental record

1. Rover Pipeline trashes Ohio, DeWine drags his feet to take action

Since the Rover Pipeline started construction in Ohio, its managers have been responsible for demolishing an historic home, leaking 2 million gallons of drilling sludge into a pristine wetland, and dumping contaminated slurry near drinking water sources.

After months of Rover’s reckless disregard for Ohio communities, the Ohio EPA referred the Rover case to Mike DeWine’s office in July of 2017 and again in September. It wasn’t until November that DeWine took any action, despite Rover already incurring over 104 noncompliance incidents by end of September.

DeWine sues over Rover Pipeline construction spills [Columbus Dispatch 11/3/2017]

Despite people’s property, homes, and safety being in jeopardy, DeWine, continued to delay action for months after the Ohio EPA asked for help. He filed suit the day after democratic gubernatorial candidate Betty Sutton asked the Ohio ethics commission to look into DeWine’s financial investments in Rover and whether that influenced his lack of action against the company.

As of April 2018, Energy Transfer Partners - the parent company of Rover Pipeline - is still listed on DeWine’s financial disclosure form.


April 2018 Financial Disclosure form

Sutton questions possible DeWine conflict on pipeline fines [Columbus Dispatch 11/3/17]

Rover Pipeline Fined for Water Pollution Violations [Canton Repository 8/9/17]

The Rover Pipeline spills again, in the same spot where it spilled 2 million gallons last year [Nation of Change 1/18/18]

2. DeWine sues federal government to block drinking water protections

The Clean Water Rule and Stream Protections Rules aimed to prevent pollution and degradation of the small streams and rivers that nearly 90% of Ohioans rely on for drinking water.

The Clean Water Rule rightly corrected a gap in drinking water protections that only accounted for major water bodies, not the smaller streams and tributaries that feed into them. The Stream Protection Rule would have required coal companies to operate farther away from streams, restore any streams damaged during mining, and to not dump coal waste directly into streams.

Despite these benefits, DeWine sued the federal government to block both protections.


DeWine sues U.S. over new EPA water rule [Columbus Dispatch 6/30/2015]

Ohioans need the Clean Water Rule to protect Lake Erie [Toledo Blade 8/30/2015]

Clean Water For Some? [OEC 8/21/2017]

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s opposition to stream protection rule prioritizes declining coal industry over clean drinking water [OEC 1/18/2017]

3. DeWine sues to stop rule that would prevent 90,000 pediatric asthma attacks

DeWine filed suit against our nation’s first-ever protections against carbon pollution from power plants. Based on the EPA’s own analysis, these protections would have prevented 4,500 premature deaths and 90,000 asthma attacks in children each year by 2030. In Ohio alone, the Clean Power Plan will save 2,800 lives in the next 10 years.

Is your state attorney general underminng America’s Clean Power Plan [Mom’s Clean Air Force 7/28/16]

EPA analysis

Despite this, DeWine has filed suit on behalf of Ohioans against these essential protections that will save lives and help Ohio kids live a happy, healthy childhood.

4. DeWine’s big polluter donations

DeWine has accepted over $525,000 in campaign donations from electric utilities and mining companies since 2010. Many of these companies have a direct financial stake in the fate of federal environmental protections.

Ohio Secretary of State Contribution Disclosure

Follow the money

Group raises questions about Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s connection o polluting industries [Columbus Dispatch 6/2/2016]

Election day is on November 6. Pledge to vote.

Conservation Ohio Launches a New Round of Ads Focused on DeWine’s Damaging Environmental Record

Today, Conservation Ohio announces a second round of digital ads with a new $20,000 buy calling out Mike DeWine’s history of fighting against environmental protections. This is a follow up to a five-figure digital ad campaign that launched in August.

The ads highlight Mike DeWine’s track record of standing up for big polluters and corporations instead of Ohioans and our children on critical environmental issues, including clean water, clean air, and the Rover Pipeline, which spilled millions of gallons of drilling fluid on pristine wetlands in eastern Ohio.

Read: Four things you need to know about DeWine’s environmental record

“We’ve knocked on over 60,000 doors, and are on track to knock over 250,000 doors to support environmental champion Rich Cordray, and we’re ensuring Ohio voters know about DeWine’s damaging environmental record,” said Aryeh Alex, State Director of Conservation Ohio. “These digital ads show Ohioans the truth behind DeWine’s action and will send a clear message about where DeWine’s priorities lie.”

With a focus on the impact of these environmental issues on the current and future generations, the ads show the truth behind DeWine’s actions, because he has shown he is beholden to corporate polluters and donors over the health of Ohioans. In the last year, we’ve seen algae blooms plague our waterways, a debate in the legislature to roll back our clean energy standards, over 20 spills by the Rover Pipeline, and aging water infrastructure across the state. These issues will need to be addressed, and Rich Cordray is the only candidate who has plans to move us in the right direction.

Conservation Ohio’s ads will appear statewide on Facebook, targeted to voters who remain undecided about the election. The ads are expected to reach hundreds of thousands of voters multiple times over the coming weeks.

View the ads below:


Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed to David Miller, Director of Communications for Conservation Ohio:

“Now that Mike DeWine and Rich Cordray have agreed to three debates, it’s time for DeWine to start answering questions about his record on our environment.

“DeWine has been antagonistic to efforts to clean up our air and water, filing multiple lawsuits against programs aiming to protect Ohio’s communities. With debates occurring on Lake Erie, in the Miami Valley, and along the Ohio River, these communities deserve answers for why DeWine has not stood up to support the right of all Ohioans to have clean air and water now, and for future generations.”


Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to David Miller, Director of Communications for Conservation Ohio:

“With an Innovation Ohio poll today showing the governor’s race in a dead heat, Mike DeWine has resorted to relying on corporate polluters to bankroll his campaign. After receiving over $100,000 in donations from coal executives and energy company PACs in August alone, it’s clear where DeWine’s loyalties lie.

“When it comes to protecting the environment for our kids and grandkids, DeWine sides with the corporate polluter fat cats who poison our air, contaminate our water, and drill our land.”



Columbus, Ohio -- Today, Conservation Ohio announces an initial $50,000 digital ad buy promoting environmental champion Rich Cordray’s candidacy for Ohio governor.

Our video ads will highlight Cordray’s positions on environmental protections, clean water, and other issues critical to voters across the state including healthcare, the Medicaid expansion, and Cordray’s work as chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These ads will be targeted statewide on Facebook at an audience mixed of undecided, persuadable, and democratic base voters. Our digital targeting will be based in part on continuing a conversation with voters we’ve spoken to at the door who remain undecided in their decision on the governor’s race.

“This initial set of ads will help voters across Ohio know who Rich Cordray is, the values he holds, and how he will stand up for all of us as Governor,” said Conservation Ohio State Director Aryeh Alex. “Rich Cordray will be a Governor who will fight for our environment, and defend us against the Trump Administration’s toxic environmental agenda. These ads will also help highlight Rich Cordray to folks who may not yet know him.”

These initial ads will run through September 12th with more to come.


Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to David Miller, Director of Communications at Conservation Ohio:

“This week, we saw the Trump Administration take reckless action to rollback the environmental protections in the Clean Power Plan, which will lead to more premature deaths and increased asthma across the country. So far, we’ve heard nothing from Attorney General Mike DeWine about this irresponsible act which will put the health of Ohioans at risk.

“In February 2017, the Ohio Attorney General put out a statement criticizing the Obama Administration for instituting environmental protections saying ‘the Power Plan is yet another example of the Obama Administration overstepping its authority.’ I’m waiting for the same type of condemnation from DeWine on this ‘federal government overreach,' although I suspect I’ll wait a long time, due to his coziness with both the Trump Administration and corporate polluters.

“Our Attorney General should be condemning rollbacks on environmental and health protections, not criticizing plans that protect Ohio citizens. We can’t afford to have Mike DeWine as our Governor -- our future depends on it.”

For more information, please visit



Columbus, Ohio -- Yesterday, a federal court rejected an attempt by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to suspend the Waters of the United States Rule. In September 2017, Attorney General Mike DeWine came out in opposition to this rule, filing a letter on behalf of Ohio calling for the rule to be rescinded.

The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to David Miller, Director of Communications for Conservation Ohio:

“Through yesterday’s court ruling, Mike DeWine has yet again found himself wasting taxpayer resources to fight environmental rules that he and his corporate polluter friends don’t like.

“This ruling makes this gubernatorial race even clearer -- Rich Cordray is a candidate who will fight to keep our water safe and clean, while Mike DeWine was on the wrong side of the law, fighting to make our water easier to pollute.”


Conservation Ohio finishes a successful first month of field work

Columbus, Ohio -- Today, Conservation Ohio, a pro-environment super PAC, is proud to announce that we’ve completed the first month of our field program, and we’ve already knocked on 29,639 doors in Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Lucas Counties promoting environmental champion Rich Cordray for Governor.

“These first 30,000 doors were our initial door-to-door program as we ramp up our efforts pushing toward the November election,” said Conservation Ohio State Director Aryeh Alex. “We’re hearing incredibly positive things about Rich Cordray from voters at the door, and we’re eager to build our program to help him win in November.”

From a voter in Cleveland, we heard, “Cordray is the change we need right now.”

From a voter in Columbus, “Cordray seems like a good guy who will fight for the common man and working families like mine.”

From a voter in Toledo, “We live with the threat of the algae bloom on Lake Erie shutting down our water access every day.  I know and trust that Cordray is going to help us fix this serious problem.”

From now until Election Day in November, Conservation Ohio organizers are expected to knock on over 200,000 doors throughout Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo to talk with voters about the gubernatorial race, ensuring a healthy environmental future, protecting Ohioans’ healthcare options, strengthening our educational opportunities, and promoting Ohio workers.


Columbus, Ohio -- After a too-close-to-call special election in a deeply red district in Ohio, Conservation Ohio is eager to get to work electing environmental champions this November.

“We were highly motivated to help turnout the vote for Danny O’Connor in this critical race,” said Conservation Ohio Director Aryeh Alex. “Danny ran a campaign that aligns with our values, including protecting Ohioans’ drinking water, the air we breathe, and public lands for future generations. I'm thrilled by the closeness of the race, because Danny O'Connor shouldn't have even been in the same ballpark as the Republican candidate in a highly gerrymandered district. The environmental voters came out in full force and we know they'll do the same for our statewide candidates in November. The result last night is a huge deal, and should send shockwaves across the state.”

Conservation Ohio recognized the significance of this race for the environment and brought a large amount of resources to bear to turn out voters across CD 12. 

With both paid and volunteer canvassers, we aimed at knocking on 2,500 doors with pro-O’Connor and pro-environment messages, but ended up knocking on 6,814 doors. 

Our digital ad buy featured two video ads that ran for two weeks, one focused on turning out supporters of O’Connor, and the other a persuasion ad focused on contrasting O’Connor with with his opponent. Over 20,000 people in Ohio’s 12th district watched these ads leading up to Election Day.

Our direct mail piece hit the mailboxes of 13,383 voters’ homes urging a vote for O’Connor in order to prevent big, corporate polluters from buying Ohio’s seat in Congress and to end corporate tax giveaways that harm hard working middle-class Ohio families.

“Our voter outreach programs far surpassed our estimated audience and reach due to the high level of enthusiasm in this race” said Alex. “We are eager to bring this same level of enthusiasm to the environmental champions on the ballot in November. We're 90 days out, and ready to roll.”

For more information, please visit


Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Aryeh Alex, Director of Conservation Ohio:

“The arrival of President Trump to the campaign in this late hour is a sign that the Balderson campaign is worried about their chances on Tuesday. They should really be worried about Balderson’s full-throated support of Trump and his reckless policies that put our environment at risk. Through his support of Trump, Balderson is all for:

  • pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, leaving us as the only country not to be involved. Even Syria and North Korea have signed on

  • cutting the EPA budget by 31%, leaving the agency understaffed and limited on its ability to perform its mission

  • allowing the EPA to revise or rescind the Clean Water Rule, which offers protections for the waterways that are the drinking water source for 1 out of 3 Americans

  • cutting back national monuments across the country by millions of acres

  • opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling

  • scaling back protections for endangered species

  • suppressing a study showing the dangers of unregulated chemicals such as PFAS and PFOA in our waterways

  • withdrawing and rewriting the Clean Power Plan

  • removing large chunks of scientific studies on climate change from the EPA website

“Putting aside Balderson’s blind support for Trump, in the Ohio legislature, Sen. Balderson led the way for two of the most recent environmentally reckless laws, including sponsoring the two-year freeze of Ohio’s renewable energy standards and voting for legislation that shuttered wind development in Ohio.

“Troy Balderson would be a disaster for our environment in Congress. We need to elect environmental champion Danny O’Connor on August 7th.”



Danny O'Connor for Congress

Columbus, Ohio -- Today, ahead of the August 7th special election, Conservation Ohio announced a 5-figure independent expenditure that includes a paid and volunteer field canvass, digital ad buy, and a mailer promoting Danny O’Connor’s candidacy for Ohio’s 12th congressional district.

The paid and volunteer door-to-door canvass will launch to targeted pro-environment, moderate, and democratic voters within the Franklin County portion of the district. For the next two weeks, volunteers and paid canvassers will knock more than 2,500 doors carrying pro-O’Connor and pro-environment messages.

This digital ad buy will feature two ads that will launch today and run through the duration of the special election, one focused on turning out supporters of O’Connor, and the other a persuasion ad focused on contrasting O’Connor with with his opponent.

The direct mail piece will arrive at 13,383 voters’ homes starting the week of July 30th. The mailer urges a vote for O’Connor in order to prevent big, corporate polluters from buying Ohio’s seat in Congress and to end corporate tax giveaways that harm hard working middle-class Ohio families.

“We’re thrilled to help turnout the vote for Danny O’Connor in this critical race,” said Conservation Ohio Director Aryeh Alex. “Danny has ran a campaign that aligns with our values, including protecting Ohioans’ drinking water, the air we breathe, and public lands for future generations so that our state and country are leaders in protecting our environment. I know he’s the right candidate to take the 12th district in the right direction and make Congress a place where all voices will be heard.”

O’Connor’s opponent, Troy Balderson, was the primary sponsor of legislation that instituted a two-year freeze on Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standard. This comes as little surprise considering that almost all of his top ten campaign donors are corporate utilities and oil and gas companies. Balderson continued his attack on Ohio’s clean energy economy by voting for wind development restrictions that effectively ended new wind power in Ohio.




Columbus, Ohio — With less than four months until Election Day, Conservation Ohio this week launched a $350,000 initial, independent expenditure, door-to-door voter contact program to educate voters about the issues that move Ohioans to community action and to the polls.

Our door-to-door voter contact program — which will start by covering persuasion and mobilization universes in Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Lucas Counties  — launched this week. This initial launch of the statewide canvass is dedicated to educating voters on issues affecting their families and communities and persuading them to vote for Rich Cordray for Governor. The program will continue to grow dramatically, ramping up to run through Election Day.

“Our canvass efforts are aimed at making a real change in the conversation this election cycle,” said Conservation Ohio State Director Aryeh Alex. “With organizers across Ohio, we’re eager to make an impact on behalf of Richard Cordray, the governor candidate who shares our values.”

Over the next few months, Conservation Ohio canvassers will knock on hundreds of thousands of Ohio doors throughout the state to talk with voters about the gubernatorial race, focusing on talking about protecting Ohioans’ healthcare options, strengthening our educational opportunities, promoting Ohio workers, and ensuring a healthy environmental future.