Columbus, Ohio -- The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to David Miller, Director of Communications at Conservation Ohio: 

“In a debate tonight from the shores of Lake Erie, we didn’t get a question about the critical issues surrounding Ohio’s air and water. Thankfully, we know exactly where the candidates stand on the issues. Environmental champion Rich Cordray has plans to move Ohio into the future with clean energy jobs, and water protections. 

“Mike DeWine has a long history of standing up not for Ohioans, but instead the donors who have funded his campaigns over his 42 year career in public office. Mike DeWine has filed multiple lawsuits to diminish environmental protections, using taxpayer dollars to worsen the quality of our air and water across the state. 

“Mike DeWine would be a disaster for folks who depend on clean air and water -- which happens to be each and every Ohioan.” 

“The choice is clear in November.”