Why Mike DeWine dragged his feet to hold one of the worst environmental actors in Ohio history accountable

The Rover Pipeline has been setting records in Ohio since construction began in March of 2017. Of course, these records are for things like more negative inspection records than any other major interstate pipeline, spilling millions of gallons of drilling mud into pristine wetlands, destroying historic homes, and dumping contaminated slurry near drinking water wells.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has levied $2.3 million in civil fines and damages for Rover’s destruction and the company has refused to pay. In fact, they have claimed Ohio EPA has no authority to fine them in the first place.

In a nutshell: a massive, out-of-state energy corporation came into Ohio, trashed our environment, and said “that’s on Ohioans to fix.”  

So, where was Ohio’s “top cop” Attorney General Mike DeWine while this company blatantly trashed our communities and refused to pay for their incompetence? No one knew… for 7 months. That’s how long it took for DeWine to file suit against Rover. That’s how long it took him to have Ohio EPA’s back.

In fact, DeWine filed the lawsuit the day after Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Betty Sutton called on the Ohio Ethics Commission to investigate DeWine’s personal financial ties to the parent company of Rover.  

Ohioans need a governor who will fight for us. Not a governor who fights for himself.