Why Mike DeWine dragged his feet to hold one of the worst environmental actors in Ohio history accountable

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VOTE Rich Cordray for governor

Conservation Ohio is fighting to protect Ohio's environment, to make Ohio a clean energy leader, to ensure safe drinking water for all communities, and to give everyone access to outdoor recreation. We need a Governor who will fight for all of these, and Rich Cordray is the only person for the job. 

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Safe reliable drinking water

Rich Cordray believes no Ohioan should have to worry about the water that comes out of their faucet. That's why he'll make our water affordable and safe, and protect drinking water sources like Lake Erie. 

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Clean air

Rich knows the air we breathe affects us all. He will strengthen Ohio's renewable energy standard so we can reduce pollution and put more people to work. He will prioritize clean air by investing in wind energy.

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Protecting our land

Rich knows our commitment to public land not only leads to healthier and happier families, but also to more dollars for local communities. He will defend our access to clean, safe parks and public lands. 


Mike DeWine

Where the Ohio candidates for Governor stand on the environment


Repeatedly sued to block EPA rules

In 2013, DeWine filed a brief in a Supreme Court case against an EPA rule requiring Ohio and 26 other states to limit emissions from coal fired power plants. In 2014, he sued the EPA to block the Clean Power Plan Rules. In 2015, he filed suit against an EPA rule that would strengthen the Clean Water Act and further protect Lake Erie. 

Waited Seven months to sue a company with egregious environmental violations

DeWine waited seven months to file a lawsuit against the parent company of the Rover Pipeline, which was cited 21 times by the Ohio EPA for major violation. DeWine has a financial stake in the company. 

Gave huge tax breaks to energy companies

DeWine sided sided with his energy industry donors while in Congress, repeatedly voting against consumer protections and for billions of dollars in tax breaks for oil and gas companies. 

Rich Cordray

Building an Ohio that leads in clean energy development

When we harness the power of technologies like solar and wind, Ohio will benefit economically, more people across the state will be put to work, and fewer families will suffer from chronic illnesses like asthma. As governor he plan to increase Ohio’s reliance on clean energy sources, bring $440 to farmers and property owners interested in wind, and invest in solar manufacturing to create permanent Ohio jobs.

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